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Regional Survey

Central Texas Regional Citizens' Satisfaction Survey

We are conducting a regional community survey that serves the needs of local governments by providing valuable information on citizen satisfaction and priorities.  Cities often conduct community surveys that have different questionnaires and sampling protocols.  As a result, such surveys provide some useful information across items and in some cases over time, but often lack useful information that makes comparisons across regions. 

This leads to a critical need for a common survey instrument delivered during the same time period that can generate comparative data for communities across the Central Texas Region. 

The purpose of collecting such data is to make comparisons in order to gain valuable insight across:

Service areasWhat are we doing well? How can we improve?

Years:  Have we improved or changed over time?

Geographic areas:  How are we doing compared to others? What are the regional trends?

All these questions reveal reasons behind observed differences and provide more value from responses. This important information allows cities to compare feedback to multiple benchmark  categories that correspond to the International City/County Management Association's (ICMA) Insights on national trends.

Using these trends, our goal is to provide you meaningful information to better understand the needs of your city as well as gain an understanding of the issues affecting your neighbors throughout the region. As you know, Central Texas is one of the fastest growing regions in the U.S., and the problems, issues and concerns of citizens often transcend city boundaries. Therefore, the need for regional benchmarking is critical. This survey is designed to capture information that is not only important and specific to your local city, but other cities throughout the area.

To date, several cities are currently participating in this regional survey. Some of the cities that we proudly serve include:

  • The City of Georgetown
  • The City of Hutto
  • The City of Kyle

We know how vital it is for cities to make sure that they meet the needs and address the priorities of their citizens. We want to partner with you to provide the data necessary for you to maintain that commitment.  We can help!

For more information regarding this program or becoming involved, please contact Dr. Thomas Longoria at